Other projects


Wild Pockets Game Jam

I participated in a team on Wild Pockets Game Jam. It consisted of a 24 hours game development marathon, in which we had to design and develop a game in the Wild Pockets Platform.

Happy Happy Doom Fall (Game Jam 3rd Place Winner)

Our team developed a physics based game called “Happy Happy Doom Fall”. Its about a little cat that needs to reach safety, after he finds himself stuck in the top of a group of cubes. We obtained the 3rd Place in this competition. The experiences was stressful, because of a fairly new and untested engine, but overall it was something to remember.

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You can play the game HERE

Computer Engineering Thesis

As my engineering thesis project, I worked with professor Luis Guerrero in order to do research about collaboration in the classroom, and how it could improve learning. To use this information, I created a game that allowed kids to learn in a group and the teacher to actively participate creating content, and monitoring several groups.


This project was a collaborative chemistry game for high school students. It was made as a thesis project in 1 semester. It was created for pocket devices using .NET compact framework It included a PocketPC collaborative game and a Teacher software for monitoring the sessions.

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