Game Design Class

Game Design Projects

During Spring 2009, I took the Game Design class taught by Jesse Schell. The objective of the class is to acquire the concepts and ways to improve on ideas and develop original games from scratch. For this class I have been developing several games, where I play tested them several times in order to get the maximum amount of fun and playability. These are some of the games I created:

Freestyle game: Super Trouble

We were asked to go freely and design a game. I teamed up with some designers and we came up with Super Trouble, a card based game, that is supposed to be funny and strategic. People can work against each other at the beginning, but have to work together at the end to survive.
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Adventure Game: Black Portal

For an assignment for Game Design, we were supposed to create a Role Playing Adventure that lasted less than three hours. My adventure was called Black Portal, and its intention was to create enough suspense and fear on the players. The location of the game was a cave, and it had seven defined scenes, open to change on the course of the game.

Dice Game: General´s Stratagem

As the second Game Design assignment, I created a Dice Game. This game mixed strategy, and luck. The main objective of the game was to fill a 10×10 squares board with their troops, but in every turn they had to put 4 of their troops (given by the dice throw) with different Ranks. The mix of ranks and certain cards that the players got after every turn, added a good strategy and balance that enabled the players to have fun.

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You can download my report here

Hopscotch Modification: Color Hop

As the first Game Design assignment, I had to take the game of Hopscotch and transform it into something new that either solved problems of the original game, or just made it different. I took a technological way and created a paper prototype that enabled me to test the game several times. The mechanic of the game was to form color patterns in order to advance, but every step on the board changed the color to a new one.

You can see some pictures of the play tests:

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You can download my report here

My Toolbox

In order to get a recollection of the mechanics and experiences I lived, I constructed a toolbox that contains more than a hundred games I’ve played since I was a child. From playground games, card games to console games. You can download my toolbox here.