Building Virtual Worlds Class

Building Virtual Worlds (Development and Design)

In Fall 2008, I was a student of Building Virtual Worlds class taught at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. My role consisted on being a modeler, but since I have a background in computer science I helped doing game design and game programming. I helped creating algorithms, coding levels and making decisions in game design. I used several platforms such as Head Mounted Display, Jam-O-Drum and Beyond Question. Some of the games in which I participated as modeler (3Ds Max), texture artist and programmer were:

Nacho Brothers Vacation Adventure

This experience had acting involved, and it was created to become part of the Building Virtual World show. I was the modeler and helped with some programming. I writed some of the script, as well as designed part parts of the environments and interactions. I also acted as one of the main characters as well as edited the commercial en Adobe Premiere.

The Hallway

A psychological experience about a man dying in the operating room, who needs to save his son, and does the biggest sacrifice. This game used a Head Mounted Display to immerse the guest into a discomforting and stressful environment. In this game, I modeled the environment and characters, and helped texturing some of the scenes. I also helped programming some of the lighting effects.

Pixel Battalion

A succesful attempt to make an 18 player, real time multiplayer game on one screen. It used the Beyond Question platform, to allow the guests to build 9×9 puzzles. It requires a lot of cooperation between the players, and it makes it a lot of fun. I switched roles and did all the texture art for this game, and I also assisted programming some algorithms for this game.

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Hell Loop

This game is a cinematic experience based a story, that tries to be compelling on the viewers. It is a Head Mounted Display experience, which led the audience through a story with a twist. I modeled all the environment, and I modeled and animated a complete human character, with lip sync, blinking, walking and gestures.
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Asteroid Scramble

This game is a soccer game in space using the Jam-O-Drum platform. Its control are really simple, but it intended to create an exciting four player experience. It was based on teams of two, that can steal, boost and shoot goals. I modeled all the environment, spaceships and asteroids, and helped texture some of the models.
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