About me


The Beginning

Since I was a small child in Santiago, Chile, I was influenced by technology, starting with the Atari 800XL my parents bought me for my sixth birthday. This led me to learn how to program, which led me to study Computer Engineering for six years at Universidad de Chile. While in school, I discovered I could express myself artistically by utilizing digital tools. This enabled me to develop skills in several design packages that I used throughout my college years. With these skills I managed to work both as an engineer and as a self-taught digital artist. I´m committed to finding a way to intertwine my passion for technology with my enthusiasm for creative arts, and to build creative and innovative projects.



While completing my studies of Engineering at Universidad de Chile, I tried to learn as much as possible of Design tools, and I expressed myself artistically in order to release some stress. Thankfully I managed to attract some viewers, and I managed to do some freelance work as a web designer. Right now, I’m focusing my energies on the creation of games and experiences, that make people react with emotions, and enjoy the fun, either by developing or designing those games. After doing a Master of Entertainment Technology student at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. I learned how fun is making video games and experiences, and how amazing is working with talented people from different areas of expertise.


Tough Muder

After graduating from Grad School I moved to California and I have been working in several Game Development companies in the bay area, doing a bit of everything, from PC retail games to browser based or mobile games. I’m ready to have fun and create fun!